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New Kenwood HU - Do I need adapter

  Golf gti ed30+bmw m3

theres an adaptor for kenwood units that is just plug and play that does the display and the stalk supposedly (soundlinx REN04DIS) i bought it and the kenwood z838w headunit which is supposed to be compatible but mine dosent work with the stalk only the display and ive had it replaced too just to make sure it wasnt faulty, even emailed hte makers of the unit who assured me it was compatible..... so god knows whats up with it...

Oh and no you dont need any connectors they come with a loom that connects straight to the existing one.

[Edited by FiXX on 23 June 2004 at 1:13am]

Fixx is right. Most head units these days come with ISO connectors. The other half of which will be in your car. The only adaptor you need is stalk / display re my previous message.

I have the soundlynx adapter and that works with both my display and the stalk, had to have 2 replacements thou as the first two didnt work at all, Also the ISO connectors are with the unit so you will be fine.

  Golf gti ed30+bmw m3


what head unit do you have? and the adaptor that you have did you only utilise the yellow connector? the makers of the unit kept trying to tell me there was green/yellow and blue plugs and just to make all the connections but there is only pins to accomodate the yellow one and with that in the display worked but not the stalk...?


I have the Soundlinx REN04DIS adapter for sale.

Unfortunalty I have to sell the Clio!

Used this adapter with my Kenwood PSW9524 and Clio 172 Mk1 2001.

The head up display and steering column controls worked perfectly.

Please email me at"> if you want to buy.

Brand new the adapter costs £84.99. I will sell for £40.00 + P&P.

Tel: 07968800153. Birmingham.



I installed the same head unit today in my girlfriends t reg clio, adaptor cost £34.95, how much you paying for headunit? i bought it for £125

Hi Alymac, I doubt you got the Soundlinx adapter for £35, does the one you installed make use of both the head up display on the dash and the column controls?