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New LED sidelights


ClioSport Club Member

Mmm...youve got me thinking now.

On a scale of 1 - 10. What rating ?


ClioSport Club Member

Please note because the Leds are plastic they melt and fail (flicker) if placed to close to the Main headlight bulb (less than 3 inches away) - I will not exchange any bulb that has failed due to heat damage.



ClioSport Club Member

brightness please.

Can you take a picture from inside the car...drivers view ?

I could try, though to be honest my camera isnt that sensitive! lol

I have noticed that the signs I go by reflect back at me though, which they never used to do.

If you were a bit closer Id show you lol

Ill try and get some pics tonight/tomorrow so you can see, though they wont necessarily be great!


Quote: Originally posted by BRUN on 05 December 2004

northy get the PIAA ones

call my shop past 4 if you want a demo
Night.icon and i have had a set o the PIAA ones for the past 2 years well worth the money as they look cool

never been pulled for them either

Ill have to get together with John or Clare if theyre coming to the Christmas Meal so I can do a comparison!

I dont think my new ones are actually that bright compared to PIAA but they are a big improvement and are less than a third of the price!

couple more pics...

This is daytime, to get an idea of what they look like on grey day when youve got your sidelights on to make sure the divvy blind tw*ts out on the road actually notice you:

and this is at night, to try and give some impression of what light they give out: (not loads I know, but I like em :p ) My cameras not that hot on night shots though so they do seem a bit brighter in real life!
  not a clio anymore

I got those on my car. The lights are bluer than the xenon. The other thing on the 172 is that they look like a dot in the middle with light on the side.
Never use the full beam (usually dont have the opportunity) so would not comment about heat.

Just as an update, Ive now had these in 4 months and one of them has failed, with 2 of the LEDs starting to flicker, meaning they are basically unusable on the road.

They have been fine up to this point, and I believe that it is something to do with the long-distance journeys Ive been doing at night that has perhaps overheated them.


Think I might slap the PIAA alternatives on the plastic and be done with.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

its not your use mate, its the fact they are just crap quality, most of them are

only the PIAA in my experience are any good

Youre running uprated main bulbs as well arent you? I was thinking about getting some more powerful ones of them as well, but didnt want them to frazzle the sidelights, especially if I spend £30 on the 6-LED ones! :confused: (or even £20 on the 4 led ones! lol)
  Skoda Fabia vRS

Quote: Originally posted by White16valver on 01 April 2005

So were you running them with the led sidelights previously?

*getting a bit confused*

i had PIAA Main/Dipped Beam Bulbs, and i had PIAA Side Lights too