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New member 182FF Scotland


ClioSport Club Member
Hello! I've just bought a 2005 FF 182. In the past I've had a 172 cup which is one of the reasons I decided to buy this (the other was a trackday at Bedford autodrome SEN circuit)
It's a one previous owner car with 65000 miles. I spent a few hours on it today and got it looking a bit better. Timing belt kit/ water pump/ dephaser pulley/ aux belt kit and service kit are in the boot getting fitted on Friday.
Plans are to make it as mint as possible, replace as much as possible and I would love a set of speedline turinis!




ClioSport Club Member
Hi, just an update. So far, the belts water pump and dephaser have been changed its also been serviced and the coolant changed!! Using Renault parts only obviously

Got the headlights buffed!

Also fitted the skoda splitter!
I've just ordered the fatty induction kit! Thanks Fatty
Got the dent man coming tomorrow to remove the 3 dents I have. More pics to follow once I've got it cleaned up! Done a few miles in it already. Very agile little car. To say I'm pleased is an understatement


ClioSport Club Member
Yes I thought that aswell. Its still in granny spec at the monent in terms of tyres ect so once ive saved (hidden from the wife) a bit of money ill get some decent tyres on it and refresh the suspention it should be much better! So many things to buy for it ive made a list lol.