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New on the renault all the help is appreciated!!

How we doing ppl? Have recently bought my self a clio rs 200 cup in racing blue.. Only popped out for milk and fags and ended falling in love!! What a great car to drive!! So ive had it for a few day now and have been looking around i see a lot of the rs 200's have the renaultsport recaros. (mine are the standard renaultsport spec cloth seats).. I just phoned renault to see how much for two front recaros and they quoted me just shy of £3000 each? Are they for real? Thats nearly £6000 for two front seats!! Id want a throne for that sort of money!


ClioSport Club Member
  Mint 1*2's for sale-
Yep thats about right for the quote- I was quoted 2278 discount-

If you join on here & Clio the Clio recaros come up for sale sometimes-

You will expect to pay ( for a good pair) ~ £750 for 197 recaros & £950 for Clio 200 Recaros + £100 fitting-

So all in around 1k

As for the standard seats nobody wants them, however equally occasionally a thread pops up whereby someones trading ina 200 with recaros & wants to opt for standard seats - so thats a route sometimes - PXing them into recaros-

Expect to PX + £700 is the going rate

That's why I spec'd mine from new @ £800 or whatever ever they are. I assume they justify it by the trading of the standard seats.....