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new owner , new member need help with what gearbox to buy

  clio sport cup172
Hi all ive just bought a clio sport cup 172
all it needs is a gearbox and clutch as the one it has is f*cked,
ive found a few at decent enough prices but i dont know which one will fit
its a 03 clio sport cup 172 , is it one with speedo drive ? What phase?


ClioSport Club Member
personally id rebuild as the boxes are getting old and failing quite a bit, last thing u want to do is replace the box with one that fails soon after or as i done on a DCi - replace the box with one thats already broken!!

because its a cup you need a gearbox with a speedo drive so needs to be another cup box or i *think* a ph1 172 box will fit but check that out before you buy
  clio sport cup172
Thanks ill check , how would i check lol ? This is only a little run around cheaper insurance than my del sol and few extra seats if i need them but with out the box its useless