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New Photo printer


I needed to print out a couple of pages of text earlier but my printer was out of ink. I couldn't find the power supply to even get the old cartridge out so figured I'd go buy a cheap printer instead.

That soon when out the window when I got down Currys (I know, but it was easy). I came away with a rather nice Canon (I like Canon) Pixma iP6600D. I also got some Kodak Ultima Paper. It came with some sample Canon paper too. It's really fires out the prints, even at High quality. Ink shouldn't be too bad as you always run out of a couple of colours, Black and Photo magenta first usually. They are around £4 a pot.

I've just printed this image off and it looks amazing, absolutely spot on. I rotated it a little so it was on the level and messed a little in PS to get it just how I wanted it. Result. I'll trim it down at work next week and stick that one on the wall I reckon.

Rich/Si, if you don't have photo printers I'm really impressed with this one, just like a cheaper version of the one we have at work for concept are, that one does larger prints.
  ff 182
i got the same printer 3months yours got the LCD screen on top?2.and card readers..great printer am well impressed with it.but it does drink ink in high the price come down yet i payed 159 for mine
  106 GTi
Nice one Lee. I print my stuff out at work on one of the Epsons we have, Super A3B sized 2100 IIRC
  Pink & Blue 182, JDM DC2
Cheers Lee. I almost bought this a few weeks back when it was on offer in PC World - the lass from PC World in Crawley is a Canon expert and she highly rated it - even saying don't buy it here! :) Good results by the look of it.


Yeah, that's the one Zac. I expect it to drink ink, but I'll only be printing the odd one or two of my favourites.

Most the printers we have at work are crap Rich. Paperless office and all that crap. If I were to use the one we recently bought for the concept artist for my car pics, and then run it out of ink I'd be in for it. lol

I still can't get over how quick it is!
we sell loads of these at work... the quality is just outstanding :approve:

good choice Lee.

Careful though, the door that opens to the card readers is easy to break off, just small plastic lugs acting as hinges. Both our display ones have broken in this way.


The door is a bit on the weak side. I don't think I'll ever open it though as I usually just print straight from my PC.