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New sexy girl here...

  MK3 Clio DCI 86
...nah not really I'm actually a hairy bloke. Wonder what the view count will be on this thread :rasp:

Just thought I would say hello as I'm looking into getting a FF 182. I currently have a lovely BMW 3 series 3.0l coupe m sport! Trouble is money is getting tight and with my kind of car you need a big wallet lol.
Done a bit of research and the 182 seems to tick all of the boxes, yeah it's French but they seem reliable enough :)

Cheers guys!


aka Philomena Cunk aka Barry Shitpeas
ClioSport Club Member
  172, E46 320D
Well I fell for it, welcome to CS.

Pics of your hairy back and man boobs?
  Megane 225 F1
Welcome to CS.

I was clever and hovered the mouse over the title so I saw a preview first. You didn't get me.

I bet you're undercover though. Double bluff?


ClioSport Club Member
  Megane 250 / Mk3 MX5
Lol at the amount of views this has. Haha.

Welcome mate!

Flat Eric

ClioSport Club Member
  182, Ecoboost Fez
Hello. Welcome to the forum.

Can't say I fell for it, as if a girl would post a thread saying how sexy she is?

I still clicked in to see if was the case though ;-)

Good luck with the search.

What colour you looking at?

Flat Eric

ClioSport Club Member
  182, Ecoboost Fez
That would literally be a clone ay. Arctic blue. And yozza'd. Fair play. You won't regret the noise!!!!