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New Sump Bolts


ClioSport Club Member
  2003 Clio 172
Hi All,

Was wondering if you could give me a bit of advice, I’m looking for a set of sump bolts (the ones that hold the sump pan on) to replace the set where a couple have rounded. Renault are on back order and yes, I could wait and risk it, but ideally I’d like everything waiting to go so I can hit it hard when I can.

I’ve found on here that the thread size is M7 which is handy. I’ve measured the thread length on my old set and it comes out at 25mm, However, the first 5mm is a plain section (no thread). As I’ll be replacing these with fully thready bolts, should I discount the 5mm plain section and buy 20mm bolts? Or stick with 25mm.