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New to ClioSport, with many plans!

Alright, So I bought my first car last week. Got many plans for this little ph1, and my test isnt even for another two weeks.

Plans (Probably in this order due to cash...):
  • Full speaker & amp rehaul.
  • Colour coded bumpers, sides, and mirrors (actually found somewhere that will do all this for £150)
  • Window Tints
  • Cup spoiler
  • Lower springs approx 40mm because of my mega high drive. Cant afford Coilovers. ):
  • Silver/ black alloy wheels, probably will leave this until im less likely to scuff them.
  • Fog lights with yellow tint
  • Front and rear halo/ angel lights. Probably chrome, not sure about the black unless they match the alloys...
  • front skoda splitter?
Thats about all I can think of for now. Suggestions are most certainly welcome.
I suggest every time you go to buy a mOd, you put the money in a savings account and then use that to eventually buy a better car or have a holiday.

If you insist though, avoid angels and lexarse lights and just do subtle bits.
Can't argue with that, I would like a ph2 to be completely fair. this just happened to come up first, and cheaper.

I may be new, but I still know never to touch lexarse lights ;)
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With the risk of sounding dull, save all the money on mods and put it towards your next car after 1 years NCB. You'll regret spending circa 1k on a car thats only worth about that itself in a couple of years time and wished you saved it for your next motor. If you want to do a couple of things fair enough but do it on the cheap, second hand lowering springs, plain 172 alloys. Just tidy her up a little
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New alloys, lowering springs, cup spoiler will be a nice little first car, id save the rest for a better car in a couple of years time

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skoda splitter is £10, best thing to smarten the front end up with the edition of dual optics.

i would do it this way,

> skoda splitter
> dual optics
> 172 alloys
> ph2 rear lights
> maybe a dynamique spoiler
and leave it at that! ... oh and a good detailing session :approve:
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All the suggestions about saving your money and investing in a better car in the future are bang on HOWEVER I think these people have forgot the sheer excitement you have when purchasing your first motor. It literally is all you think about ! I like many turned my first car into a pimp wagon (1988 White Escort) and would not have it any other way.

If you can afford it go nuts, yeah you will waste a ton of money but trust me you'll have fun doing it. Then in 10-15 years you and your mates will look back and laugh at your incredibly modified Clio just like I do with my escort.
hey guys, I passed my driving test! now just waiting untl saturday for my insurance policy to start. £3000 is not pretty, but you have to start somewhere.

I have a question of something thats bothered me. a friend and my cousin have had the chance to move my car about whilst we're cleaning or fitting things, and theyve said the clutch is ridiculously tight. Its either on, or off, no room for any decent clutch control. From my understanding, every car is different, and I dont have the experience to know otherwise - the only thing I can notice is there is a good inch or so of free play when you depress the clutch pedal.

Can anyone offer an opinion on this before I take it somewhere to get in looked at?
Congrats on the test pass! Just take it easy out there...

If I were you, I would pop into 2 or 3 different garages and ask them what they think about the clutch, compare what they each say, pick somewhere in the middle and you probably have the right answer!

Enjoy Saturday!
Could be that you have all been driving modern over assisted s**t boxes with silly light hydraulic clutches (can you tell I dislike modern 'shopping' cars?) and there is nothing wrong with yours. Certainly sound like that to me, i found it strange jumping between a current shape fiesta and the z3 because the z3 has a proper clutch with weight and feel and the fiesta didn't. It made the z3 clutch seem tough and like it bounced back up. A day driving the z3 again though and it was the fiesta that felt wrong.

Where are you based? Sure someone local will have a look for you.