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New Valver VS My 172

Ho Hum, this might cause some stirring of the mud.

Met with BenH earlier today and talked for quite a long time over all sorts. And he came alone with the obvious question:

"how does it compare with your 172"

Well....having not thought about it, my answers included alot of umming and erring. But i did think he was a little surprised to hear my semi final verdict.

I actually rate my valver above that of my 172. Its got chassis mods, but theya re mild and cosist of BBT olwering springs and new std dampers and the rear lowered. And it handles absolutely brilliantly, not hard, but firm, and is so easy to control....i love it.

The 172 is a tad more wallowy, but thats expected from a std chassis. Granted its safer on the limit and.....well, it gets hard....the 172 is so competent i cant say anything bad, but the valver as it is dynamically better. More pointy is a way i would put it.

I think the rear setup has a lot to do with it. The torsion setup means that there is a constant amount of suspension droop, and it doent increase when lowered like a 172 with its beam axle.....lower a 172 and you have to add the lowering amount to the normal drop travel....meaning its harder to lift an inside wheel on a lowered car. And we all know a good FWD car will always lift is inside rear.

As for power, the diff between a 170 claimed valver (more like 150) and a 172 , well the 25 or so bhp is nothing on the rd really........on a track......IF it was twisty, i guess the 172 could just pip a valver.........but the MK1 cahssis is just so good, its a revalation over the RT i had......and you wonder why so many say, dump the RT/RN and get a valver....its just a diff world.

SOrry for the rant.......

Intresting stuff BenR, but how much of the greater handling of the valver is down to its lighter weight?

Never raced or thrashed a valver, but I have only ever being told good things about them, top motors.


that sums up what i always thought too

althought the 172 is quick i will never push as hard as i do in my valver its just as u say too wallowy as std. it need sorting by lowering but its a nice soft ride when "ur not in the mood"

i would say lowering my car 25mm on H&R springs made it handle much better than it did on origional springs but like u im only running springs too. think uprated shocks will be too hard

as for pace i dont think my 172 is as fast as my vavler, ive had rollinging roaded that it makes bettween 145-153bhp with 130lbs torque both down on the 172 but my car feels a lot quicker, top end speed is comparable too

think our 172 has mood swings sometimes its fast as feck but sometimes its just pig slow too.

overall of the two i get more enjoyment driving my valver but for compfort and toys the 172 is hard to beat


hmmm.....i still highly rate my 172.....its just such a fantastic car....and is a million times more compfortable! lol

Then again, the torque is a fair bit stompy and.....well, come to think of it.........the 172 is safer and faster on HK rds mainly because its not as snappy, but the valver is by no means snappy.

the MK1 was super twitchy though! lol
  CTR EK9 turbo

BenR when you say "the MK1 was super twitchy though! lol" Do you mean the mk.1 172?

I drove a 16v around a car park and really liked it. I also liked the driving position and felt the seats hugged me in tighter than mine do.

How are you tyre pressure on your 172? i checked mine for the first time last night :oops: and noticed that the rears were down to 1 bar(!) and the fronts were down by half a bar or more!! oh dear! I pumped them up and it feels a lot stiffer, but havent pushed it hard with pressures set at 2.3 front and 2.1 rear.....yet......

Should do............

but im not gonna have one. Its too hot in HK for no aircon.......DOH!! our new cups come with aircons! ok, ill ave one!

The Cup has the feel of an old school hot hatch so cant see how youll be able to resist!

Simon - check your tyres every week you gimp!

yeah, i meant the MK1 172........

I ran between 28 and 32psi..........kinda soft, but the rd are so bumpy there!
  CTR EK9 turbo

I find the ride quite hard in mine. Especially now the tyres are high on air! im going to go and test it out with the new rigida tyre setup! Maybe ill be able to get a higher top speed!?

Dead impressed with my goodyear eagles tho. Theyve lasted ages and taken countless traffic lights toasts and highspeed cornering experiences. I think the name is very apt, they seem to be lasting a goodyear oh ho ho ho.....sorry.

Yeah, tyre pressures are important i guess:

I must check them every week.
I must check them every week.
I must check them every week.
I must check them every week.
I must check them every week.
I must check them every week.
I must check them every week.
I must check them every week.
I must check them every week.


that so stange.....i aws just about to post about my goodyears!

I WAS gonna say:

"whilst on the subject, i dont know why everybody raves about these F1s, they are average and max grip is poor......still prefer my Bridgestones"


well, yea, anyway, im not too impressed with the F1s

Glad to see you did voice your opinions Ben! Its good to have the opinion of someone who has both cars as although loads of people are enlightened to the Valvers capabilities, many still arent!

all i can say was i was pleasently surprised...

But form the lack of response, i dont think too many 172 owners like hearing it...hehe