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Newbie from Glasgow!

  172 Cup, EG B16, Ram
Hi folks, i'm Kieran, 23 from Glasgow.

Picking up my first French car next weekend from my brother.


2003 '03' Clio 172 Cup in Blue
83,000 miles
All dephaser, belts, chains etc just been done.
Fully standard apart from a stainless exhaust (unknown make)

Got it for an unmissable price so i couldnt say no!

It is just a little toy to take to the track when i'm racing, i race in the Scottish Legends Championship and bored of the dailies!

My car list just now is as follows:

2011 Dodge Ram Hemi Sport V8 - Work Horse ( New facelift one arriving in 4 weeks )
2010 Audi A6 Avant S-Line 2.0 170 - Daily Driver
1994 Mitsubishi Evo 2 GSR - Off the road atm for bodywork
1994 Honda Civic EG with SIR engine and Integra cams etc - Off the road atm for bodywork

I am a surveyor, tow boats etc to site, hence the dodge.