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Newbie question, what mk/phase is my 172

  Porsche 911, Clio 172
Hi, just got a nice 172 (see separate thread for full details should be interested in how I got it, how many £££ I paid etc etc) and, after reading about it for ages on t'internet I have thoroughly confused myslef!

It is a 53 plate 172, registered Oct 03 (so presumably one of the last 172s before the 182s came along), so I reckon that makes it a Mk 2, but I have no idea what phase it is (or even if it really is a Mk 2!). It's sort of important as it may need a new bonnet (if the 'pheasant' dent doesn't come out cleanly) and I'll probably buy a bonnet on ebay and have it sprayed locally so pretty keen to buy the right one - on the subject of which, does the 172 have a standard bonnet or is it different in some way?

Sorry for daft questions but I'm new to all this Clio fun!
  Chocolate Bar™
its a mk2 ph2 mate

the full fat 172 (ie the non cup version) def has the same style of bonnet as the dynamiques etc, i think the cups may have a lightened version. either way it will fit