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Newbie - Yozza Powered 172 Cup

  Yozza Powered 172 CUP
Hi Guys/Gals,

New to the forum, i bought the 172 cup from Se7en172 advertised on here.
Great guy and great car.
It has the following (stolen from the ad:p )

Schrick cams, Induction kit with Silicone induction elbow, Three cold air feeds, Yozzasport Stainless steel exhaust system, ProSpeed Sports cat(brand new), Matched and ported inlet manifold, Custom re-map to suite engine modifications. H+R coilovers which were professionally corner balanced by Yozzasport, Uprated pads and disks, goodridge stainless steel hoses, Front and rear strut brace.

I love it - handles like a dream - hoping to take on a few track days soon.
I have just spent a little fortune on detailing products, pictures to follow soon.
Stunning car. If I hadn't bought mine 2 months ago, I would have bought this one.

Just needs some 172 Cup badges for the doors
  Yozza Powered 172 CUP
Thanks guys - For those Midlanders in the know hehe..i'm from Sutton Coldfield not far from Walsall .Griff.

Any how here is pic shamelessly stolen from Rich's photobucket...

  172 Cup
I lived in Sutton with the ex for a year just off Wylde Green road and most of my mates live in Streetly so I know Sutton quite well.


I head through Streetly most days on my way to and from work. Unless I risk the M6! I'll keep an eye out.


I owned this for 2 years before se7en bought it off me. Super car. Great on track. Enjoy!