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newby from bristol, ph2 clio 172

  clio 172
Hi Guys,

My brother used to have a black clio 172 and I remembered it being good fun. However I had an 03 plate gsi for about half a year, running at 297 bhp it was quick and brilliant fun. Still I recently moved out an thought id free up some cash. So i sold the gsi and paid off my loan and thought i'd downgrade abit. I do like the 172, it does look smart in silver and also has cup wheels. However its reasonably quick but not near the gsi but I still like it, handling makes up for it and doesnt do too bad on fuel really. Gota sort out the blowing rattly exhaust soon though as its making me lose my love for her lol.
  clio 172

pic taken by a previous owner or two before who use to be a member on here