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no battery light

  Artic Blue Clio 182 05
quick question needs answering,

when turning your clio 182 on (05) does the battery light come on the dash then go off?#

just got a 182 and its at the stealers at min and they cant diagnose a problem, ive told them its alternator, and aa guy said the battery warning light should come on on startup, but mine doesnt.

spoke to ren and they said on the 182 it doesnt come on.

any help.

p.s. the two courtesy cars ive had the light comes on.


ClioSport Club Member
  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
It should light up as you turn the ignition on then go out straight away with all the other lights .

It's actually in the owners manual on page 1.49 ;)
  172 Race Car
How come a dealer cant diagnose an alternator system? its one of the easisest things on a car to diagnose. I could explain to you how to do it yourself in 2 mins.

Normal operation is the light should turn on with ignition on, then go off when the alternator is generating a charge. (ie engine running)

If the light doesnt come on at any time It could be........

the alternator not creating an earth path (faulty alternator)
the led in the dash blown (very unlikely)
or a wiring fault.
  Clio Sport 182
mines the other way round it wont go off !!! 10v from the alternator !! time for a new one !! £200.30 retail what a rip off !!
  Artic Blue Clio 182 05
lol. all the above back uo what i originally said to the dealer.

the actual service technical manager said that battery lights dont come on all clios!!! yeah right.

anyways after them having it for 3 days, they have finally listened and realised the alternator is shot. lol

cant wait to pick it up 2moro, ill ask them again about the battery light and if its on all clios