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Noisy Clio - Wheel Bearing?

  RX8, Clio II 1.6 16v
Over the last couple of weeks my Clio (1999 1.6 16v) has been producing a noise that is progressively getting louder. It appears to be coming from the driver’s side rear and gets louder with speed. The noise does not change pitch with revs, so would not appear to be gearbox related, nor is it affected by braking.
My initial thoughts was that it could be the wheel bearing but I have jacked up the car and the wheel does not appear to have any free play when I rock it, and appears to be quite smooth when I spin it. Could it be some part of the suspension?
Any help on how to diagnose or fix the problem would be greatly appreciated.
  RX8, Clio II 1.6 16v
It used to start at about 50mph, now it starts at 30mph.
It starts off as a fairly low pitched vibrating/droning sort of sound and pitch/amplitude then increases with wheel speed. There are lulls in the level of noise though, e.g. it’s very loud at 75mph, quieter at 80mph and very loud at 85mph.
  RX8, Clio II 1.6 16v
I have done a search on this forum and it would appear that rear wheel bearings are a common problem on Renaults. I shall compare the rear wheel bearings carefully tonight.
If this is the problem I guess I shall be replacing the rear shoes and wheel nut at the same time. Can anybody recommend a supplier? Else I shall just walk into the nearest motor factor.
  RX8, Clio II 1.6 16v
It was the rear bearing. I bought a bearing for £15 from a motor factor near where I work.
I found removing the old bearing a total nightmare and ended up paying a local garage to do it. Next time I shall buy a proper bearing puller rather than trying to extract it with a hammer.