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Noisy Induction Kit

OK, I have fitted a green induction kit to my Clio RSi and it is REALLY REALLY loud! I know this is one of the reasons for fitting a kit but christ it turn heads from 1/2 a mile! - Does anyone know of any slightly quieter kits that are around, and if the differance is really noticable.



Loud is good but there are some motorway driving issues with it. If your crusing at about 4000 - 4500RMP and want to accelerate then you get a beastly roar and all the truckers look at you funny :)
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

R u a man or a mouse? Loud, beasty and gurthy, thats how i want mine really. As long as it doesnt sound like a Nova! :D

Ive just put my de-cat pipe on and its got a slightly lower tone and i think it sounds perfect, only problam is it makes the floor of the car rattle where the exhaust mounts are! :cry:

i aint really been impressed with the induction kits for the dynamique so far, i wont one thats REALLY loud, jim_bob u got one on yours?


yeah i found that out fred so i changed the filter itself for my mates green one and it sounds better now, if i put a bigger filter on it will it be louder or the same cos the green one i have on there now isnt that big