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Nokia N80 - any good?

  1.6 Si
Looking for a phone that I can take on holiday to America which can take very good photos and listen to mp3s plus can surf the net/check emails on WiFi. Would you say that the N80 fits the bill?

I don't want to buy any other brand than Nokia but please suggest other N Series phones.
  Fiesta ST
yes it will fit the bill, dont forget your charger though :) Its a fantastic phone. Camera's ok in Daylight not the best in low light. WiFi is great though you can surf the net while on the shitter.
  RARE Unmolested Corsa sxi
longy---- software update works a treat. battery life seems slightly better. (or it may just be me). the main advantage of the update is that it now closes network connections quicker so save battery. it used to take up to ten minutes, before.