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non genuine standard height rear shocks (172 cup)

  clio 172 cup
I've replaced 2 sets of rear shocks on my cup in 18 months so really dont want to buy the renault parts again. Are there any good quality replacement parts for the rear of a cup. Prefferably that wont leak within 6 months.:(


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  MX5 ND2 & VRs 230
I just replaced my Cup ones, £44 each. Not that expensive?? I had cheapo 'LIP' ones on before about £27 off eBay - absolute garbage, I've had less of a twitchy rear end after a reheated kebab on a Sunday.

(Just realised you're not on about cheaper alternatives. Ignore me.)
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  derv biege barge
I fitted Eibach pro kit and had loads of probs with leaky rear dampers, 1 brand new unit was leaking after 1 day or 80 miles see here :

In the end I got some Koni adjustables from Larkspeed with lifetime warranty, much better than the standard Renault units and worth the extra, so far so good on these shocks.

The guy on the phone at Larkspeed recommended them with the Eibach springs and stated "you wont be disappointed" he was spot on with that comment.

Cos they are adjustable I can set to soft when I have the kids in the car, but when on your own you can firm them right up for awesome road holding, great piece of kit plus they don't leak their oil 1 day after fitting, always a bonus.

Renault changed one set under warranty but when I returned a week later with a brand new one leaking he told me " It's unheared of for these parts to fail" If you do a search for common probs on clios you will see that this is a common MOT failure, so the Renault employee I spoke to was Either misinformed or full of s*!t
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