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Non starter

  Clio dci 100
Posted this in the faults bit but thought id try here too if no one replies......

As above, need ideas regarding this. Car starts fine, drives around etc etc, then it won't start after it's been switched off. Turns over fine, just won't fire. Changed Cam sensor and Crank sensor as per feedback from other forums and internet searches. Still not rectified it. Takes 4/5 attempts of taking the key out, back in, switching ignition on etc before it'll start like nothing is wrong. It's annoying my missus as it's her car, which in turn is making her annoy the s**t out of me, help!

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What's the state of the immobiliser light when you try to start it?
If it flashes quickly, your key-chip is probably loose/damaged and cant be read by the decoder ring - which means the car won't start. Try it with the spare, or if you don't have one/it's dodgy too, a locksmith can cut you a non-radio duplicate for about £25-30. It won't operate the central locking remotely, but it will start the car.
  Clio dci 100
Thanks for the replies. The immobiliser light isn't coming on when trying to start so it's not that. I've found loads of posts/threads all over the net of people with the same problem, but none with a definitive fix for it. All point to cam sensor, crank sensor etc. They've been changed but it's not rectified so I think the next step is the wiring for said sensors.
ISn't coming on at all? I'm almost sure it should flash slowly, come on solid when you turn the ket, then go out. If it doesn't come on at all, possibly your immobiliser is dead?

Just noticed it's a dCI, there isn't Air getting into your fuel lines is there? I know that can cause starting bother on the diesels.
  Clio 138
Had the same problem with my dci before xmas. When started drives fine no probs turn it off and takes for ever to start. It was the cam belt had slipped a couple of teeth. Took to four ashes renault which took a week to find the problem because i drove it there fine it baffled them. Worth checking?
  Clio 182
Injectors can cause starting issues. Would try getting a leak off test done see if one of them is faulty.
  Clio dci 100
Immobiliser is working as it should. Seanwinf that's the kind of answer I'm looking for, thank you. I'll get the cover off in the next couple of days and see what's what. It throws up these two faults when scanned :- P2413 EGR system performance, and P0340 Camshaft position sensor A - Bank 1 circuit malfunction. I've cleaned the EGR, and changed the cam sensor but it's still throwing the codes up after they're cleared. New EGR on the way so hopefully it'll sort that. I'm no auto electrician so I'm out of my depth with the lecky stuff
  Clio 138
I changed my camshaft position sensor as well because had the AA out who was playing with it when i tried starting the car and it worked but didnt make a difference when i changed it. The garage changed a pulley and the belt and was fine no engine damage
  Clio dci 100
New EGR went on today, I'll get the cover off the cam belt when I've got a bit of spare time, forgot it was under the engine mount
  Clio dci 100
Not yet. Might put the original TDC sensor back on, it's gotten worse I think after putting the new one on (Eurocarparts copy)!
  Clio dci 100
Yeah, put new EGR on and it cleared the engine light after a few miles. So cleared the stored faults and it's not failed to start yet, even if shutdown and fired up again with minutes. That was a week ago nearly, I'll scan it again on Thursday/Friday and see what's popping up then. Hopefully all will be well.