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not a happy bunny

  clio 20v

some inbred little cocksucking muthafuker has smashed the casing on one of my lexus clusters

looks like sum1 has put there foot through it dont think it was another car as i parked miles away from anyother cars

it pisses me off if id hav caught em i would probably hav to b restrained fron killin em
  320d M Sport

Bad luck mate, people are t8ssers sometimes, youll probably have to buy a new set will you?
  Skoda Fabia vRS

well if id have been with ya i wouldnt have held ya back mate, would have probably joined in myelf
  clio 20v

lol well actually lookin at it in the day the paints cracked on the bumper so thinkin it was some dozy bastid in a car wouldnt mind but i was miles away from any other cars

still pisses me off that they just drove away gonna ring sainsburys and see if they hav cameras round that bit

car is bak to street sleeper now on 15s as well no 1 trys to race me now though :cry:
  mk2 172

the f**kin w**kers, i always park at the extremes of the car park cos i see bad f**kin drivers everywhere so i keep away when im parked up, the amount of tw*ts who bang doors etc then piss off :mad: