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Odd noise after KTR mounts

  Ph2 172
Yesterday i fitted KTR uper and lower engine mounts, since then, between 2,000 and 3,000 there is a strange rattle from what sounds like behind the steering wheel? It's an odd noise like when the cd player changes a sound kind of electrical noise? Any ideas what this could be???

Also when i use the wheel height adjuster the noise stops at the top position and it starts again when i lower it back down??? Ahhh
  Clio 182
More vibration through the dash now, made my knee protection on the steering coloumn housing vibrate annoyingly, take off the trim under the steering coloumn and remove the polystyrene stuff.
Loosen the mounts off (all of them at the same time) where they bolt to the chassis and give everything a good hard wiggle, then re-tighten