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172 Cup Alternator problem

  HK52 VLW 172 Cup
Hi all,

172 Cup used daily. Started the car yesterday and had a new noise which was comming from the alternator. I noticed that the 10mm nut on the adjustment bit was loose, so gave that a few turns to finger tight and the noise has stopped. If I depress the belt with my thumb it moves about 5mm. Anybody know how tight this nut and belt should be?

There are no lights on the dash (Which do work) No burning smells or smoke and the noise which sounded like the bearing has now gone. So happy days! However the alternator does seem to get rather hot quite quickly. Tempreture wise its ok to the touch but is hotter than I would of expected. Is a hot alternator normal?

Lastly the larger lower pulley wheel at the bottom has a very very very slight wobble when spinning, where as the other's run completely true. Does this pulley wheel need changing and if so what is it called?

Cheer's Ian.