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OEM Radio - Adding Bluetooth or Lightning AUX?

  Renault Clio 1.4 16v

I currently use one of those Belkin FM Transmitters but they are unreliable, is it possible to add Bluetooth or some sort of AUX to Lightning Cable to the Factory Fitted Radio? I don't want to buy a new head unit and trim.

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These are what most people use and it just gives you a basic 3.5mm jack. I used a combination of that and a usb powered bluetooth received with a 3.5mm output to get it to be bluetooth instead.

There are probably neater ways to do this but I had the receiver already at the time.

If you look for bluetooth options be careful to make sure it will work with whichever version of the stereo you have. It'll either say along the bottom update list or tuner list. Searching for renault update list bluetooth or renault tuner list bluetooth on eBay will give you a few options