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oh to be young and innocent....

Just finished giving my Willy2 its weekly wash n wax, I was down at the back of it packing my cleaning tools away when a trio of young boys, around 14 years old walked past. I overheard one say, thats a nice car, so I smiled to myself in the knowledge Id done a great job. The 2nd one then added, Yeah its nice but if I owned it Id change from Gold to silver wheels and have a huge roof spoiler on it !.

As if thats not bad enough.....

....The 3rd boy said, if I owned that Id sell it and get a fast car like a NOVA !!!!.

I bit my tongue

Still laughing.


Ohmigod, what is the world coming to !!?? However, you can wallow in the knowledge that they have to learn sometime !!!
  mk2 172

i had something similar, when my girlfriend told her mate i had a fast car, she said "will it beat a nova" haha

NO WAY! I dont believe any of the BS ur talking!

Even the Jubb Club thickos in braintree would know that a Nova Vs a Willy is No match.

I say that u were dreaming

  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

I had some little git come up to me once and said "here mate you wanna get lockers on them wheels else someone might do the off with them"

I thanked him for his advice and walked off. When I returned to the car, there he was with another of his mates, checking out the wheel nuts, wheel brace in hand....cheeky f***er. He did a runner once I returned.

Also had a group of kids walk past once and one shouted my dads car would kick your cars arse....think the word is jeaulousy......


some one said to me the other day that my car was in good nick for a A reg i then had to explane that it was a N reg with a private plate !!

Freak !!!!
  Audi S3

Some people just dont understand what kind of car it is!

While temping at some company this girl says to me its just a clio there not fast!
i says oh yea what car would u call fast then? a short pause while she thinks but just b4 she answers i say! dont even think about saying XR3I! alli get then is a blank look cuz that was exactly the car u was going to say!