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oil 1.2 16v

  Ford Fiesta

hi every1 been a while since i posted, been busy trianing for police :)

anyway my car is coming up to 1 year old so am going to take it fpor an oil change, dealor wants £60 for oil and filter says expensive oil ! :) they use shell 10 40W is this correct?

I read it should be A1 type as this means best fuel consumption figure, the shell aint that I think.

What is reccommended then? 1.2 16V, type, make, gtx magnetec etc etc?

any hekp appreciated. Not going to do it myself as it needs to get diamond brite service stamped anyway so need to take to dealor.

I got mine done at my Renault dealer and I trusted them to use the right oil (surely they would know! Actually... on second thoughts...!)

Anyway, for an oil and filter charge including parts and labour (5l of oil, a new sump gasket and an oil filter) they charged me £25.

10W40 should be fine for a modern engine. Really, the recommended oil doesnt suit everyones driving style, if you give it some welly and arent so bothered about fuel consumption then a higher viscosity semi-synth should be more suited.
  Ford Fiesta

what type did you use then? what brand of oil were they using do you know?

any dwhat renault dealor was it at a renault minute one or a normal one?

seems a nicer price than £60 :)
  Skoda Fabia vRS

Shell Helix Plus 10W-40 is ACEA A3 and B3 rated

which means its suitable for high performance vehicles, meanin its a good oil

A1 is for fuel economy your right, but only 30 rated oils usually get that, and in my opinion there too thin to use so id advise against that

if they have it, then get them to use Shell Helix Ultra, as that is full synthetic and a better oil.......get the 5W-40 version (doubt they would have the others)

I dont kno wwhat brand they used on mine unfortunately. I was under the impression that Renault had specified Elf, since theyve all got big Elf stickers all ove the back windscreen! lol.

It was a main dealer, dunno what a minute dealer is, but this ones a large Reno garage (Arnold Clark at bishopbriggs, in glasgow).