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Oil - Again :/


Ive had a 172 Sport new, from march this year. Its dont around 3700, and the oil sign lights up with all dashes on it....So i need to top the oil up.

Went to my local dealer, and they said the put MOTRIO 15/40 in all of there cars..

Phoned up where i got the car from, they said, only put Elf 5/40 in it, because thats what it comes with. I cant find any :/

Basicly....I need to know what oil i can top My 172 up with?!?



Fully synthetic oil, with Semi allready in there? Surley they wont mix....

How about Castrol Magnatex? 10/40

  Skoda Fabia vRS

they will mix, and yours is fully run in so its time to start protecting it

castrol magnatec will be fine

i use silkolene myself though, love it
  Skoda Fabia vRS

as you seem to be sure you have 15-40 in at the moment, id go with the Magnatec

however, you should put that high a grade in your car some change time

they intentionally use a low quality oil at the start so the engine is allowed to completely bed in, you should be past that now

for a 172 id be using Silkolene Pro S 5W-50

ive found Silkolene oils to be much better from cold starts than Mobil oils, plus there a few £ cheaper and you get 5L in the bottle instead of 4L

btw im an oil freak hehe
  Skoda Fabia vRS


here - however, you should put

i meant SHOULDNT, and COME change time, not some lol
  Skoda Fabia vRS

i know teady, i had a bad day at work an didnt get much sleep last night, well thats my excuse anywayz

No, at my garage they said they put that Elf 5/40 which is recomended in the manual in, in france when it was made...

I want the best for the car, as its a new car.... WHere can i get this;

Silkolene Pro S 5W-40


Andy its exactly the same stuff, as long as its fully syn. and rated at 5W - 40W youre fine. Shell Ultra Helix, Magnetec and Elf(if you can find it) are all much of a muchness.

Ill stand corrected if anyone knows better!

Oh and i CAN put fully synthetic on top of this...Elf 5/40(in the MK2 Manual) if i have it in there?


If your going to be topping your oil up, I would go for a full oil and filter change to be on the safe side. You dont really wanna mix. I was under the impression that the 172 came with part syth/part mineral!?

Yea, i need a semi synth....Thing is i just need a top of of oil till i get a service @ 6k.... The things drinking it at the moment.

  Skoda Fabia vRS

suppliers are on the silkolene website

please please try it, you will never look back, i loved Mobil 1 until i tried this, and now ill never use anythin else

ive got 7L of 10W-50 oil unopended here, but because it aint Silkolene i bought some when i needed the change

its red too which is cool

you should be paying about £33 for a 5L container......

Someone must of just topped up a 172 from new....

What did they use???

Bit of a waist of time full oil change
  Skoda Fabia vRS

o an forget the Elf hunt, its very hard to get hold of, i had to have some Total(same company) i wanted shipped from France, which is the 7L i have here, its racing spec oil, but i tried Silkolene and now i wont use anythin but that

I never topped it up. I changed the oil and filter. I was under the impression that all 172s came with 10W - 40W semi synth from the factory!

Dunno, they said the service was free?

Ill probably only have the car till the new V6 comes out anyway... god i hate oils.


Yes, olive oil too!
  Skoda Fabia vRS


if your toppin up....Magnatec dont do a 5W 40 as far as i know, but Castrol do an RS 0W-40 which would be fine so use a litre of that, or Mobil 1 0W-40

if your doin a full change then definitely go with the Silkolene, i promise you wont use any other oil once u try it

Magnatec do a 10/40....the guys in Halfords (god forgive me for listening to them) Say that will go in nicely.


News to me Andy regarding the free 6K service.

V6, you serious? Id love to put an order down on one of those babies, just dont have the readies!
  Skoda Fabia vRS

it will go in nicely, but its thicker

my car was made in 1992 and has covered 82k.........and i have used a 10W-50

yours is brand new, you need an oil that can get into the very small gaps in your engine, i dont as mine will have larger gaps, older engine, more miles, old technology

if i used such a thin oil in mine however it would probably get where it shouldnt

trust me mate, ive read a lot on oils and listened to a lot of advice

if i myself had a 172, i wish, id be running it on Silkolene Pro S 5W-40.....switching to possibly the 10W-50 once it hit 50k miles, maybe a bit more

go with a 0W or a 5W for a top up.....for a full change go with a 5W

Yea, me and my family love our cars, with a barn of German motors....Mines the only little frog in there.


I thought you couldnt mix the two Brun?

Oh, Im going do to a search on google, since the Cap doesnt appear to be about!

Ok, worst case scenario....

I mix the 2, and stuff starts going wrong.....Will it mess it up, or do i just go get a full oil change?!


Sorry andy ignore me, you can mix the two if u want.

My reccomendation still stands. Shell Ultra Helix 5W - 40W!

Yes, but that Shell is fully synth....and i have (well think i have) 5/40 semi synth.... it says on the mobil site....

Can different synthetic motor oils be mixed together?
Mobil 1 with SuperSyn™ is fully compatible with conventional motor oils, semi-synthetic motor oils and other synthetic motor oils, should it be necessary to mix them. But the superior performance of Mobil 1 with SuperSyn™ will be reduced by diluting it.

Ive ran RedLine 10w40 since the car had 1000 miles on the clock. But any sythetic (spelling) oil with a rating of 5w40 or 10w40 would be good enough. Heres a question for you guys tho, and Capt if your reading this , what oil should a turbo charged clio 172 run?. What good oil does a rating for 10w50?.