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Oil Change Clio 16v - Tips Please

Am attempting to change the oil and oil filter on the clio tomorrow, have heard this is a bit trick so have allowed all day. Are there any tips/things i need to know before attempting this.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated

I hope you dont model watches for a living! cause your hands aint gonna look the same afterwards!

How bout you take the rad out and do a fresh water and antifreeze change at the same time!
(would make things easier for you)
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Is it really that hard! was gunna atempt it myself as im shot on cash and thaught it didnt look that hard!



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i had hardly any trouble with the filter at all, and ive got pretty big hands. As long as you get the right angle its dead easy. The hard part comes getting the filter out upright, i unscrewed it stuffed it with paper towel then tilted it the least amount needed to get it out. It took me 40 mins in total for the change at my first attempt, which included flushing through with cheap oil.

Its a pain in the ass an easier with 2 people. If you havent got the parts yet then euro car parts are pretty good - but dont go to halfords. Make sure you ask them for the smaller filter as its easier to fit (i dont know what difference it makes apart from this)
The manual says that you shouldnt flush the engine at all.
You can get at the filter from underneath the car and from the top via the bonnet, theres also a flap next to the radiator on the drivers side that should allow access too.
A good idea is to get in touch with think automotive and make enquiries about a remote filter set-up. I dont have one yet but am seriously considering it when i have a bit more spare dough. This will apparently save loads of time in the future and is worth doing whilst changing the oil. (if ure a member go to the members area click on the link and order a catelogue.)
Thats about all the help i can give you, except that you should definately use top bollox oil - magnatec stuff is a bit pricey but well worth it.

Good luck!

p.s. coming to guildford for the next meet?
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Probably answered this b4 but whats the best oil!
was thinking that magnatec senthetic oil 10W40 think it was is that the best
and do u know if its fully senthetic?

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my car didnt like Magnatec, though i spose its a decent oil

i recommend Silkolene, either the Pro S 10W-50 or the Pro R 15W-50

there very very good oils and good VFM

distributor list is on the site