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Oil Explosion, Desp For Help

  E92 330
hi all, heres the score: CLIO 1.5 DCI

i was driving on the motor way at around 70 mph, then suddenly there was a loud noise comin from the engine, i pulled in to a service station and discovered that there was oil on the raod where i had parked and also internally around the engine bay and along the underside of the body. it sounds like something in the engine is rubbing on something.

please can anyone shed any light what the problem maybe.?

if i have a warrenty from a garage will i be covered?

any help appreciated i have no experience with cars so all welcome to advise.

p.s. when i turn the car over now and rev the engine it cuts out at high revs.
Possibly turbo blown?

Any of the air pipes at the back of the engine going to the turbo soaked in oil?

Did it start revving up/running on its own? If that makes sense

How many miles and age

Is it a 65/80 or 100 aswell...
  E92 330
hi its a 65, do all dci`s have a turbo bacause i havent read anything on my insurence details or the manual about it having a turbo, what should i look for under the bonnet?
  TDI tyre shreader
bobby_the_one said:
hi its a 65, do all dci`s have a turbo bacause i havent read anything on my insurence details or the manual about it having a turbo, what should i look for under the bonnet?

Yep they all have turbos my kangoo has a 65 engine and it has a tiny turbo and no intercooler
Yeah its got a baby turbo if you like :eek: No intercooler though

Personally dip the oil see what its got, then get the airbox off.
Firstly get the engine cover off, then the cold air feed pipe off, if you've got a T20 get the sensor off the side, then a few hose clips off etc and it should slide leftwards then pull out.

Make sure you remember how it goes backtogether though.

If you really want to get dirty, get the turbo air pipe off, and feel the vanes and the shaft. If they don't spin up freely, or if theres one missing :eek: its sh*gged. Shouldn't be any play on the shaft either.

If its got warranty I'd take it to the garage though - its a 2 hour job.
  E92 330
ok thanks for that. so i have a turbo, the majority of the oil is opposite the radiator at the front of the engine bay and to the right of the enging about half way down. apoplgies for lack of knowledge. soes this shed any light on what the problem maybe?
  E92 330
hi yes i can take pictures however im guessin that you wont be able to see the oil leek that clearly. whats a t20? yes i have two days warrenty left :S i hope theres no catch to the warrenty!
Torx 20 Sorry, these gay little screws that all renaults are held together by.

I'd take it back to the garage with 2 days warrenty left.

Is it a dealership?
  E92 330
no its a car dealer. he said i had 3 months warrenty and i have the invoice so hopefully i should be ok. if not, and i need a new turbo how much am i looking at spending?
goto photobucket or somewhere, then upload them, then cut the imge address(right click, and properties.) then put it like this
img](with out the space


ClioSport Club Member
oil pressure switch is there in the last photo but looks to be coming from the left hand side of the head can you see if u can take a photo of that


ClioSport Club Member
yep your right seems like it coming from the back of the head/turbo area and spraying every where oil feed pipe for the turbo around there somewhere i think.
Oil pipe for the turbo, its at the back of the head as you look at it, on the right hand side it goes in at an angle, right on the corner of the block.

Tell them to take that off, and there'll be a rubber washer knackered on the end of it.
  E92 330
hi, just to update, i have been in contact with the garage, they asked me to get the vehicle towed via the RAC for a price of £100. They have said they will pay for the parts for the car but i have to pay for the labour!? is this a fair deal?
  Audi TT 3.2 V6
no, tell them b**** deal, they can foot every last penny of the bill.

any good warrenty will DEFO cover engine probs, and by cover i mean parts and labour, this isnt like the break disks have warped or worn out, that could happen to any car at any time as theyre servicable parts. but you shouldnt be having probs like that with the car esp so soon after buying it.

if they play funny buggers go see your local citizens advice bureu
Yeah agreed Russ, sounds like they're trying to skank you out of the warranty they gave you. Sent them the bill