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Oil filter warranty situation - opinions

OK folks. My car is in for its 12,000 mile service next week. I did my own oil change @ 6,000 miles and me being the donkey that I am put a Champion oil filter on the car as opposed to a genuine Renault one. Now my main worry is that next week at the service the mechanics will spot this (as if you have seen both the Champion filter and Renault one you’ll notice that the Chanpion one is slightly larger) and flag this up as warranty invalidation. Now I may be over- reacting here but, I would rather re-fit a genuine Renault filter myself before the service so that I save may cars skin (warranty)! This also means an oil change.

Now would this:

a) be a complete waste of my time/money as the mechanics won’t give a sh1t

b) be a wise decision as my car might be left warranty-less.

My car will also be having warranty work done on it at the same time so I don’t want them to turn around with a fecking big bill as its not covered anymore.

Anyone else had experience with this kind of issue? Opinions appreciated.



Well the workshop supervisor was getting a little hot under the collar when he saw the extent of my mods - however, speaking to the guys that do the work ;) It seems that they dont really care and that its down to the Super. I got my service done at Renault Minute where speed is of the essence hoping that they wouldnt be interested in what they saw...

The chances are they can if they feel like it invalidate your warranty.... you could on the other hand go down to a different renault garage and purchase another oil filter, fit that before the service next week and give your engine a quick clean? ;)

As they say "bullsh1t baffles brains" ;)

  Renault Laguna Coupe

Things like this get silly after a while. Id leave it on and trust that common sense would prevail. Its not like youre going in with an engine problem which could have been caused by the filter after all. Having said that, I am in the weird position of having a Pipercross panel filter installed. I intend to re-fit the Renault original for the service (so that the muppets dont chuck the Pipercross in the bin), but presumably theyll change the Renault filter for a new one which will be a waste of money!

Someone must have come across this before?

I agree Mike. Its bloody stupid that an oil filter should matter if there is no fault related to it. However I have a niggling feeling that Renault might pull a fast one on this if one of their grease monkeys flags it up.

Arjun – will the Minute place do a full service? There is one around the corner from me. Do you just turn up without an appointment and they service the car for you? If so I might try that route it sounds safer!

So anyone ever had warranty probs because of non Renault engine parts being fitted?

However, if I decide to go for the safer option and change it I have purchased a new genuine Renault oil filter. So a question to the floor - does the oil in the engine come above the oil filter when cold? Eg. If you change an oil filter without emptying oil from the engine, will litres of oil spill all over the engine or just a small amount? I’m guessing at a small amount ‘cause most of it sits in the sump???? If that’s the case, I’ll bugger the six quid that the filter costs change it a quick oil top up and off for my service!! Otherwise I’ll keep the filter for my interim Oil change @ 18,000 miles.



Yep, they will do the 12k and stamp the book - if you remind them! - cost me about £135 and they did the oil/filter (15W40), washer fluid, air filter, scratched their arse and told me my brakes/tyres were shot. It only takes them 1.5 - 2 hours. Its supposed to be a just turn up service but the Renault Minute service takes hours! Get there @ 8:00 and youll be in and out by 10:00.

BTW, bought some Toyo Proxes (after reading your post) but not fitted them yet as I am enjoying my slicks at the mo :). Have you fitted yours?


Hmmmm might blag 2 hours off work on Friday and get myself in there.

Got the proxes fitted last week. Grip levels are much higher after having them changed. My rear Contis were nearly slick as I swapped them front to back b4 the last Bedford track day!! Not realy pushed them hard yet though - be interesting to see how they hold up on the next track event - thinking about Donnington in November.............

Oh and the tread pattern is the dogs nads!

Ok. I got the oil filter thing but... what about 17" wheels. Do I have to change them for the stock ones when I take the car for the service?:cry:
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Well firstly on all the old Clios, Champion were the recommended parts, there were no Renault brand stuff - the fuel/air/oil filters and plugs were all specified as Champion by Renault. Secondly, a so-called Renault filter is only gonna be a re-branded, price-doubled Champion or some other normal brand anyway.

Finally, its always been the case that a manufacturer cannot void a warranty if you change a service item (eg. filters, plugs etc) for another brand that performs the same job, unless they offer a *free* own brand replacement while it is being serviced under warranty. Seeing as they are gonna charge you for their own filter, it is your right to change it for a different brand if you want, and you still retain your warranty. Im pretty sure it came up a few years back in the European courts.

Cheers for the comments Nick. However, I thought Id drop Renault Customer Services an email asking their opinion. Here is the email I sent to Renault Customer Services:

Hi there many thanks for your response regarding the ability to extend my warranty to three years for my car. I have however another question regarding the servicing of the vehicle and the warranty. If I have my car serviced at a local garage as opposed to a Renault dealer - will this affect the warranty on the car?

Also will replacing serviceable items such as air filter/oil filter/spark plugs/exhaust with non Renault parts invalidate the whole warranty? Or will it only affect warranty on the fitted part or a fault related to the fitted part?

Many Thanks

Richard Ferris

and here is the response:

Dear Mr Ferris

Thank you for your further email.

I can advise you that if you have your vehicle serviced outside the Renault dealership network this will affect the warranty on your vehicle.

Should you replace serviceable parts with non Renault parts this will only affect the warranty on the fitted part of a fault related to the fitted part.

I hope this information is of assistance to you.


Anna Hurley

Renault Customer Services

As you have said Nick I it seems that you can fit any oil filter/air filter.... whatever, servicable parts without it affecting the cars warranty, only if something fails related to the fitted part will it not be covered.

So basically Im safe!