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oil for a 172... here’s the FACTS..


  Shiny red R32

What oil do you recommend to top up my 172 Joe? Should I wait until I have my car serviced (probably take me nearly three years to do twelve thousand miles) or should I change my oil soon? Speedo now reads 1919 miles. Thanks Joe.

So what grade oil you using for your turbo Capt? I currently use 10w40 RedLine but was thinking of Silkolene 10w50 when the turbo goes in.


mornin Capn

just a quicky,

my car needs a oil top up, just went to the dealer to get some but was told that they dont carry any in the parts department. then they told me to top it up with mobil 1, im no expert (which is obvious) but im sure they dont put that in wen new. can u just recommend an oil to top it up with. and should u have an oil change around the 6000 mile mark cos my dealer says that it doesnt need one and that the first service is at 18000 miles not 12000.



the answer,, GR ..

is to use ANY make of oil (Preferably the cheapest)... that conforms to the above standard.

I have no real personal preference.. oil is oil is oil... (I use gtx simply cost its the best value near me.. you may find a similar product cheaper)

same as petrol is petrol.. even if it has optimax logos on it.. its still petrol - the ron (preferably MON) rating of fuel is all that matters.

Hi Tubs.. same advice as for GR.. look at the standards on the tub.. if it matches the first post spec.. then great, it will be fine..

I would personally change the oil at more frequent intervals. Oil is cheap.. and a reasonably safe investment in longevity.

ps.. one recomendation I will give.. ALWAYS use the reno oil filter.

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI


If I use ACEA A1 which the drivers handbook says you can use what is the difference between that and ACEA A3 ?

Full ACEA specs are:

A1 Fuel Economy Petrol
A2 Standard performance level
A3 High performance and / or extended drain
B1 Fuel Economy diesel
B2 Standard performance level
B3 High performance and / or extended drain
B4 For direct injection passenger car diesel engines
E1 Non-turbo charged light duty diesel
E2 Standard performance level
E3 High performance extended drain
E4 Higher performance and longer extended drain
E5 (1999) High performance / long drain plus American/API performances. - This is ACEAs first attempt at a global spec.

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

OK but what is the difference between this standards as in my first post and why would they put it in their handbook if this was wrong ?

Also if you are change the oil say every 6000 miles would this really be an issue anyway ?

Hi Chavvy..

the recomendation by reno for the 172 is A3.

The handbook is fairly generic.. best to go off what the specific advice is.

the difference between the standards are fairly self explanatory I think ?.. ie, the A3 is a higher specification than the A1.

The standards dont necessarily dictate longevity of the oil in your engine, more the protection offered. You do not need to change the oil at more frequent intercals than recommended by reno.. however, I intend to... choice is a great thing. lol.. and oil is not expensive in the great scheme...

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oil is not just oil

i seriously cant believe your using castrol gtx in your hopin its the magnatec version

give a mineral oil some heat and grief and it will start to break down and give you no protection, which is why there is synthetics on the market today

another advantage, which a mineral oil does not give, is that they have a content of synthetic ester, which sticks to metal surfaces....i.e. the internals of your engine, meanin that come start up in the mornin, your internals already have a nice coating of oil so there protected straight away

castrol gtx might be ok for a top up, but dont use that as your main oil, you need a semi at least, and then id advise drainin every 6k
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

"the difference between the standards are fairly self explanatory I think ?.. ie, the A3 is a higher specification than the A1."

This is not self explanatory ! what exactly do you mean buy higher specification ?

Renault who build the engine say to extend the service intervals use this oil, to be honest I would not leave my performance engine that long between services.

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I wouldnt worry about oil as ive always my last post a few days ago.
"oil is oil"....ditto

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I used Renault ELF Silverstone oil at the last oil change, as recommended by Renault for the 172 and as used by the Clio Cup racers. Seems fine to me!
  Skoda Fabia vRS

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*laughs* Looks like Renault Australia is have a lend of us poor Aussie customers - we have a 10000km service interval foisted upon us!

interesting isnt it?

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If I change the oil in my car and use a Renault oil filter rather than go to a Renault garage will it affect the warranty?
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

I did it myself with the Renault Filter and the guys at Renault Customer services and the guys at the Renault garage both agreed it wouldnt effect warranty.
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Me neither.. I checked then double checked. BTW if is really tricky to get to the filter.

What I ended up doing was dropping the plastic sh1t guard of the bottom of the car - 2 bolts, then warmed the car up so the oil thinned out, then after it was warmed up undid the filler cap and dropped the sump bolt out, then when complete drop the filter off etc.