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Oil Leak on 182 Cup

  GT86, 335, Westfield

I have noticed an oil leak on my Clio. The oil is collecting on the top of the engine.

I thought this was a failed cam cover gasket, but reading EVO today, I now think this may be the camshaft carrier seals.

Any ideas on the cost of repairing this if it is indeed the carrier seals? I understand that the cams need to come out....

Any help gratefully received as it's going into the garage on Monday and I'm worried about this now.


Mike - Wilts
  GT86, 335, Westfield
Thanks for your help. This is a real pain, I just spent £800 on the cambelt and service in October.
  Lionel Richie
^well the "expert" doing the work (if they knew their arse from their elbow) should've resealed it then, muppets, i'm pissed off for you! i see it all the bloody time! :mad::banghead: