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Oil pressure light and stop light at low revs

  Clio 172
I've tried searching for this but can't find anyone else who's had a similar experience.

My clio 172 has had an oil change every 4-6k with reputable oils, always 5w 40. My brother used the car to go to work approx 20 miles each way and on the way back oil light and stop light came on. He topped it up and it looks like he's put a tad too much in reading about a cm over max line on dip stick.

I left the car to idle a few days later, once to temperature lights didn't come on. I then took it for a spin up the road to see problem for myself, and when accelerating lights stay off and when coasting and slowing down, both stop light and oil can light appear. Turned it off and straight back on again and lights were out again.

i will get this too the garage this week for diagnostics and oil change, but wondered if anyone has had similar symptoms? Oil pressure sensor, too much oil or more catastrophic?

could be a biggy, need some ££££
I'd start with the pressure sensor. The wife's 182 did the same last week but hasn't done it since, the oil is also on the max mark.

I know looking through the paperwork for my 172 that it's had the same sensor replaced so I'd be inclined to think it's not uncommon for them to be faulty.
  Clio 172
Cheers for the reply, had it in and was only a sensor thank god! £77 quid diagnostic and fitting of sensor.