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Old lady!

This is part of a Clio 172 review, quire amusing.....and true!

Theres an old lady I know and looking at her hobbling to the shops you would think that she was the quietest and feeblest old dear on the planet.

I thought so too, until one day I saw a bloke jump in front of her in the queue for the cash register and she went ballistic!

She really surprised me. I imagine its the same for folks who look in their rear-view mirror and see the Renault Clio Im driving.

They must imagine the little Clio is possibly on the way to the shops or might be on the school run, but theyre in for a shock.

So be careful out there. Be nice to little old ladies and be especially nice to Renault Clios because if you mess with the wrong one, the Clio 172 will come after you and slap you hard with its handbag.