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Out with the impreza track car, in with the clio cup. Manifold advice please...

  172 cup
Hi all, thought I would join because whenever I have come browsing this site in the past the members seem extremely knowledgeable and friendly. So here goes...

Myself and my brother have made the jump from an impreza track car to a clio 172 cup. From being relative experts we are now back to being noobs so will be after a bit of help! We are looking to fit a 182 exhaust manifold for a couple of reasons, being reported torque gains (with a decent map) and it being a lot easier to change the de-cat section backwards and forwards for mot.

Couldn't find the direct answer to this anywhere. If we buy a 182 exhaust manifold and a 182 decat pipe, will they connect properly to the rest of the standard 172 exhaust. I have heard that they will because the manifold is longer but the pipe will be smaller making it the same overall length. Can anyone confirm this who has done it themselves?

Cheers guys
  172 cup
Great thanks w33. That is what I was looking for a definitive simple answer.

Will do Chris, as you're local do you know of any 'friendly' mot centres re the cat?
  Evo 6, E92 320d
No sorry, never needed to myself, besides changing the 172 cat is a doodle with 2 pairs of hands.