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Over revving on start

  VW Beetle, Renault
Hi everyone I have a problem with my Renault clio 1.2 2006 petrol, ok so, when I start the car it will rev right up to 5-6k so I unpluged the throttle body and the revs dropped to normal 1500, plug it back in and it continues at 1500 revs, if I hold the throttle pedal it will limit it at 3500 and go no higher then if I turn off and back on the the problem starts over.

I bought a used throttle body thinking that was my problem bit still the same, also removed the RPM sensor and gave it a clean still the same.

I attached some pictures of the dash on idle and the rev limit.

Any help of experience would really help thanks in advance.


  BG Clio 182
Have you had the inlet off? Are all the pipes to the airbox traced back and ensured to be plugged in?
  VW Beetle, Renault
OK I have fixed the problem, it was all to do with the throttle body, not sure exactly what the problem was inside, how I done it was by putted the end of a screwdriver in the butterfly valve on the throttle body then starting the engine, somehow this worked and all is good now, i knew the problem was with the throttle body as when it was unplugged the idle was fine however the car put itself into limp mode because there was no signal from the TPS.

Maybe this will help somebody else, Thanks