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throttle body

  1. H

    Clio 1.2 16V What’s going on

    Hello all, Bought a clio 2 days ago 2004 1.2 16V Digital Temperature meter goes max 2 stripes. Cold starts it is on 0 stripes. Took to mechanic to check Thermostat and Temperature Sensor. Sensor works. (Tested in boiling water) Thermostat was cheap so got advised to replace just to be sure...
  2. dentillozie

    197 Throttlebody on 172? and pedal replacement

    So I think the throttle body and/or pedal on my 2001 phase 2 172 is on its way out. Throttle response seems a bit laggy and I have had serveral occations where the electric fault light is on and the car just idles when pushing the throttle. I plan on replacing both the pedal and the body just...
  3. 1

    Throttle not working

    Was driving the 182 earlier today when it just lost all acceleration then the engine started to idol its self at between 2500rpm and 3000rpm and the throttle peddle wasn't responding but the throttle its self was still opening and closing each fine time it got pressed just wasn't letting the car...
  4. T

    idling at 3000rpm!

    Hi all, i have a 2003 clio mk2 1.416v, which has an idling problem. it idles at around 1800 rpm when cold and 3000 rpm when warm! this happens even when i dip the clutch during normal driving. i have removed, cleaned and refitted the throttle body but has made no difference. Was thinking it...
  5. H

    1.2 2002 Electric lamp limp mode.

    Got a Clio 2002 8cyl 1.2 that suddently 2 months ago got this electric lamp and whent to limp mode. After a while standing with ignition of, i could start again, and it whould always return after 5-7 minutes. Specialy if i did not push on the pedal. I have the car at my local Renault mechanic...
  6. S

    SOLUTION - Cutting out, won't idle, EML/coil light

    Hi all. I recently had a problem with my 2005 1.2 16v Clio. (01-05 model). Car was running fine then after doing a motorway trip the accelerator wasn't responding properly to my input. Revs all over the place, lagging, and then wouldn't idle properly. Then it wouldn't start sometimes, and when...
  7. T

    Check engine light stays on after cleaning my throttle body

    Hi all, Earlier today I decided to clean my throttle body on my Clio Campus Sport 1.2 due to slow throttle response. After I cleaned it I reinstalled it and started the car, but forgot to plug the connector back in to the throttle body. After realising this I turned the car off and plugged the...
  8. D

    Over revving on start

    Hi everyone I have a problem with my Renault clio 1.2 2006 petrol, ok so, when I start the car it will rev right up to 5-6k so I unpluged the throttle body and the revs dropped to normal 1500, plug it back in and it continues at 1500 revs, if I hold the throttle pedal it will limit it at 3500...
  9. T

    Clio 182 stalling when crancked over and when cluched dipped

    Hello all, So Yet again another clio stalling post... I feel like I've read them all, but can't seem to pin point my problem, so any help would be very much appriciated. Here goes, A few weeks back my car stalled whilst slowing down for a junction, I thought nothing of it as the engine was...