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Parking a C172 - Pain in the butt

  VW Potato

why is the steering lock so utterley uselss on these cars? I must admit, I couldnt park a Smart in an empty Millennium Dome without cocking it up, but the C172 is a real nightmate to park in a tight spot. The lock is so limited. Never mind parking - yesterday, I couldnt even get round and up the ramps in a clients multi-story car-park without approach, back up, enter ramp. At top of ramp turn, reverse, edge forward, reverse, go forward to next ramp, repeat process to top of car park. Mega embarrassing.



  Shiny red R32

Have to agree with you that there is a huge turning circle on the 172. It would be harder for learners who might have difficulty reversing into a tight space. Perhaps it is to prevent rubbing on the arches. Ben or Joe will let us know!
  VW Potato

well i have no problem admitting it probably says more about my driving skill than the cars deficiency, but it doesnt park as easily as my former Golf, nor indeed my boss Merc Estate.

I still like it lots though!


probably more to do with the rear wheels being at the bumper with little overhang, its that that takes some getting used to.


ps - I just checked, the turning circle is the same as the base model clio.
  VW Potato

Captain, you have hit on something there. I guess the short rear overhang does have a bearing on your perception when parking the car, and this, along with a limited lock, exacerbates the impression that the cars more difficult to park than it actuallty is. I may do some parking practise at the weekend.

  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

The turning circle on all renaults ever made is sh*te.

Where I usually park at work, I can turn the shogun round in one fail swoop and exit (just). Impossible to do in the much smaller clio. Needs a 3 pointer.


i think the turning circle is pretty good, you lot must suck at parking.

*looks at the women* hehe

Ok ill await my slap!

But I drive my dads civic, new shape (bus) and its got the worst turning circle of any car ive ever driven. anyway...

the valvers got a crap turning circle too - its actually bigger than the base models turning circle, and crap rearwards visbility doesnt help!

Solution - park miles away from everyone and everything!! I always get the piss taken out of me for having enough room between me and the keb for another car!!

You gatta be kidding, the 172 is piss easy to park in tight spaces, but then my previous car was a Fiat Coupe 20VT, which had a turning circle of the QE2.

I would have thought the Alfa GTV V6 coupe would have been the same as its shares the same 2.2 lock to lock steering rack as the Fiat Coupe.

on my dads prelude it got 4 wheel steering, so the turning circle is tiny, but its easy to scruff the alloys on kerbs when you park it as the back wheels turn the opposite way