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pauls F1 airdrie, silver 182 Glasgow city centre


ClioSport Club Member
saw your F1 sitting at your work paul looked mint! parked well out the way i see! i was in getting diesel.

and whos the guy from here i forget his name (sorry!!) with the silver 182 with black standard wheels, loud exhaust, dark tints and CS sticker in back window it was at the RR day last year private plate on it! i was completely lost trying to find crown street, got there in the end haha
  Fabia vrs tdi
i seen a crap navy blue clio just off duke street, tinted windows, silver big renault sticker on back window ,
loud exhaust, reckon it was a 1.2 or somethin or show and no go

thrashed it from the lights trying to show off he has a slow car with loud exhaust shame i was going the other way