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  Lionel Richie

Just thought id post, cos im well pissed off about what happened tonight at the midlands meet. Those bloody "security gaurds" really got to me with their attitude towards pete and the whole group. Im behind Pete 100%, that woman wasnt looking

You do realise the whole club wasnt at the meet tonight! If your going to post that you may as well post the whole story!


  Shiny red R32

Have to agree with you Teady! What woman? Wasnt looking at what / where? What did Pete do? Pete who? Come on Freddy, dont tell us half the story! ;)
  Lionel Richie

We met at fosse park then went to Meridien Centre where Pete was T-Boned by a woman in a 106 (she+the security guards claims that pete was doing 30+mph through the car park, which is rubbish cos i was behind him doing 15mph) she pulled out and twatted the side of petes valver very hard!!! (youll all no doubt see the pics) She hit him hard enough to spin petes car full 180 deg!!! The side of petes car is in a right state, and in my opinion its all her fault cos she wasnt looking. Then we were all asked to leave the site cos we were ALL speeding in the car park!!!!
  Lionel Richie

I know, hes got my phone number, and im doing a statement for him (coppers said i wasnt an independant witness cos im a member of cliosport, which i understand, i still thnk thats a bit unfair cos ive never met Pete before in my life until the crash tonight)


  Shiny red R32

Surely a witness is a witness. If it was a family member it might appear different, but surely if you saw what happened - the truth is out there, as they say!

Hope it is sorted to Petes advantage.
  Skoda Fabia vRS


thats really bad, just the crash is bad enough, pete had been tryin to get a 16v for AGES, then he finally gets one and some woman in a car park does that !!!
  7.6cc :D

Totally agree with Fred, whom i was following!!

Dont back down on anything Pete, regardless of what happens it was not your fault in the slightest :mad:

Definitely the womans fault because which ever way you look at it she was the one who went into him. Unless the security guard has a way of accurately measuring speed in the car park, it doesnt matter what speed Pete was doing unless the guard can prove it. Legally there are no speed limits in car parks as its private land, though I could be wrong so dont quote me. As long as Pete sticks to his story, with no deviations or exaggerations and just the facts, he should be OK.

If the woman says its Petes fault, Pete could be on the long haul to get this for the court to decide, though I dont think she would have much of a case, especially if she didnt stop at a give way to observe for any other traffic which sounds like what she did.
  Lionel Richie

Thing is, it was a stupid layout of carpark, we all came in the exit road (no sign posts) There were no give way signs on lines where the accident happened so technically theres no right of way (the only indication of the direction youre supposed to travel were painted on the road underneath her car at the crash point!!!) I mean for 15odd cars in a convoy, and not 1 of us noticed any one way signs etc on the way in must mean something???

If you look at the damage on Petes car, it shows clearly that pete had gone past (road on left, crossroad) then she pulled out. She hit his door and rear quater pannel, NOT his front wing, which suggests to me that she wasnt looking. "Give way to the right???" guess she must of forgot that!!!

If you need me to go to court, ill be there no problems

Agree with Fred.. the damage speaks for itself.

Geoff - I thought of that but security didnt mention anything. I think the police said there were no cameras too.


if you were on private land there will be no court case

the insurance will not apportion blame usually, they will treat it as a knock for knock due to the difficuly in apportioning blame.

you will probably both end up paying premiums on the insurance.



  Shiny red R32


Do you have Legal Protection with your insurance?

If so, your insurance company will have a lawyer who will sort things out on your behalf.

Good Luck! :)


  Shiny red R32


How private is a car park which any member of the public can use, especially if it is a car park which is owned by Asda or whosever it was?
  Golf GTi Mk1

Really feel for Pete, his car is a minter and some dosey sunday driver wasnt paying attention, at least Pete and his mate are ok from the damage anyone in that passenger seat would have been in a lot of shock, good luck Pete with getting your car back to its best.


The more I think about this one the stronger I think Petes case gets. It wasnt as if he came from no-where.. the section of road he drove down before she hit him must have been 30 yards long. She just wasnt looking. However, getting her insurers to agree is probably asking too much.

I hope your insurers are on the ball Pete. If you want to go back down there to take a look around Ill happily show you the way.. get more photos etc.

Agreed Sylvia, but if on private land it is difficult to sort anything properly.

You already have hostile witnesses in the guards, I would say its a no win situation already, unfortuantely.

the insurance will advise accordingly, but again be prepared for a knock for knock.

As for the car spinning 180 degrees, this is indicative of 1 of 2 things.

1. Pete was going far too fast and the angle of impact cause the car to spin by displacing the rear end.


2. the lady drive t-boned him at a great rate of knots.

Now, unless you have skid measurements (either from her braking or from the rear end of the clio, there is no evidence either way (to any court). (I am not saying you are not telling the whole truth.. just the way these things are assessed.

The guards will say one thing, you guys the other. Yo are already on a loser if the guards have had problems before with other enthusiastic drivers and convoys.

That again is why this almost always ends up as knock for knock... you each claim if your own insurance and absorb the hike in premiums for many years to come.



  Shiny red R32

It is handy to keep a camera in the car when you go out (especially a digital one), so that in cases such as this, pictures can immediately be taken of the cars, lines and layout and positions on the road etc. Then there would be no doubt later on.

Dont think Pete did a 180 did he?? i would have thought more like 90.

Capt - the road surafce was as greasy as hell yesterday afternoon following all the recent rain.. the carpark was pratically a skid pan so Pete didnt have to be shifting to end up as he did.
  Mini Cooper S JCW

im from leics, and infact i woz in fosse park on sunday around 4ish, but didnt see any crash, let alone 15 or so clios!! where woz u all hiding!

but i can understand about it being slippy around there, coz the roads are well bad around here, especially near pork pie round about (leics ppl will understand)

sorry to hear wot happened pete.


"She hit him hard enough to spin petes car full 180 deg!!!" is what I was referring to.

Fair point though Matt, but unfortunately it still leaves the problem of apportioning blame with the hostile witnesses who will be deemed to be in a position of responsibility. I hope everything works out fine, but on private land there are no rules as such, as to right of way etc.

Again, this is where the knock for knock rules tend to apply.

One could try persuing the issue through small claims to recover increased insurance expenses, but even then it is unlikely to be benficial due to the same applying to the lady driver - her premiums would also increase, so the court is unlikely to be favourable either way.


sh#t! Fair enough then Fred. I didnt see it happen.. just guessed Pete was exadurating his spin having only just had the accident. Ill shut up.

Oh and Fred, when me and my mrs left the pub she said she thought you were very cute. I pointed out wed only been married a couple of months so we should probably stick with it a little while longer! Anyway, she says she could definately fix you up with one of her mates if youre single.

makes me sick :(!

cheers people, good to know that i have a lot of support. I am in sh*t street at the mo cos i cant make a claim on my own insurance as im on TPFT. Just been down to an approved accident repair centre and ive been quoted £3000minimum for repairs. Ive got legal cover but im just playing a waiting game at the moment.

appreciated, pete


  Shiny red R32


As you have legal protection, you might stand a better chance of recovering the costs from the other persons insurance, especially if you have several witnesses. Your insurance company should have an appointed lawyer who should take over.

Isnt this why we pay the extra for Legal Protection?

sh*t Pete, thats a bugger !.

Well, you HAVE to fight it then..

Check with the police and see if they are filing a report, often they dont if off the highway.. a favourable report will help a lot.

Have you spoken to your insurance company yet ??.. if not, get all information in front of you and give them a bell.

Best o luck !

  7.6cc :D

I didnt realise you were only TPFT Pete, definately fight your corner!!

Oh and Fred is rather cute isnt he! If i was 10 years younger.........etc. etc.:sick:
  Skoda Fabia vRS

Pete, you obviously have a lot of support on here, and people seem 100% convinced you were not at fault in any way, take it to court, you should have enough witnesses