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PGTi Pictures !

  mk2 172

how cool is that article!, paddy, your always on about your photos! always wanting the picture perfect eh!

Wow - massive article. Didnt expect them to have a little bit on each of us!

Sheesh a picture a me and my motor in a mag :eek:

Need to track down a copy now for keeps.
  williams and trophy

hehe nice 1 brun mate

i got meself 2 copies ........ 1 for reading 1 for storage u understand lol

yep nice to see the williams still holding their own ;)

Paddy did you run your car in or did u thrash it from day one? Just wanting to know whats the best thing to do for my cup when I get it.


ClioSport Club Member
  Seat Leon Cupra

Mines the only car with the max bhp over 7k revs, 7140 i dont know if thats a good or bad thing but there you go. Will have to go back up there to see what ive got with the Hill Power stage 2 now.
  320d M Sport

Alright Vibrio (wrong forum??!!!!) All runs were done in 4th.... (unless youve got a ST170..then its far too powerful for any roller....;))

Neil-Caned the little bastid from day 1 mate!!

A good article, spoiled for me by two major inaccuracies :(

Firstly my name is Mark Baron, not Mark Brown, and secondly they have it down that Neil Plant (V6 Neil) used to won my car, whereas in truth he used to own the Magnex exhaust on my car, not the whole thing... Also I cant be seen on the main picture as I was right in the crack, but me and my car are right there at the top of the second page in the main picture talking shop with Brun....
  320d M Sport

your car looks sweet by the way! Best Mk1 Ive seen, much prefer the black to Silver in that shape.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

im so chuffed with everythin to do with that day, the mag article has just made it such a special event and everyone seemed to enjoy it too which made all the hassle of organisin it totally worthwhile

thanks again to everyone for comin and makin it one of the best days ive had for ages

  BMW 320d Sport

Mark, youre always in the crack mate! I did notice they got your name wrong though. Ben as soon as I saw that picture I *knew* you were going to have to ask! BTW Whose is that mystery arse anyway?
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

No rolling road is really that accurate. However, getting a group of cars like that together gives a good comparison-that is ofcourse hoping its as accurate/innaccurate for 1 as it is for all of them!

Great to see such a good show from the Williams owners.

And yes, who is the girl with the cracking bottle and glass?


  BMW 320d Sport

Hehe Daz it was right the first time I said it! Come on someone must have an answer on the mystery behind?

how much is performance gti? presumably its monthly.. where from? i want to get it.

gotta write in and ask who owns the ass to clear up all our unsettled minds :D
  clio 20v

if i remember rightly the lad with the clio wiv gt turbo transplant it was his girlfriend whos ass it is in that pic

u all happy now

  TT 225

LOL, yes the girls ass you are checkin out is Darrens girlfriend. And as Adi posted, Darren owns the red Clio GTT.

Nice girl :)