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Ph2 172 Died, Any Help Appreciated

  MG ZR x2, Polo, CTR
Hi Guys (and Gals),
i bought a ph2 172 2 weeks ago, no problems there...

last night however, it decided to stop playing ball and died on me whilst cruising at 30mph through the town centre.

the stop light and battery light came on instantly and that is how they sit atm. she turns over, but there is no attempt to fire and i can't hear the fuel pump prime.

i've searched the forum up and down, checked all connections on every sensor i can find (as advised by the k-tec team at 8:45 this am - top quality service) all wires seem to be fine (no nasty splits or copper corrosion) all fuses are good. the TDC sensor has been out and cleaned (although im considering replacing it anyways)

i'm not urgently desperate as i have a 16v megane to get me about, but any help would be appreciated as i am quite fond of my new toy and woyld like to see it be of some use.

(have been onto local renault garage aswell, but nobody was in to take the call)


Take the oil cap off and check the cams are turning. After that, if they do, check the alternator and battery connections, the main earth strap etc.
  172 Phase 1 & 172 Ph
My phase 1 172 did something similar and that was the tdc,

Do you have any friends/family that are a member of the rac/aa that have home start? When i was stuck for a solution on a breakdown i got the rac out to diagnose it....
  MG ZR x2, Polo, CTR
i have a friend who owns a backstreet garage, hopefully he will pick up on something i've missed. he also has a full dignostics machine so i can rig it up on that without the horrific fee renault want to charge (£80 + £120 to either come to me or collect the car as it's a non-mover)

Still, atleast the trusty megane will see me through for the moment.