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PH2 172 Exhaust *urgent*

  Clio 172
Hi Guys,

i was driving down the road and my back box fell off :dapprove:. i need to get a new exhaust ASAP, i need to be back on the road tomorrow, latest Monday morning. i've spoken to Renault and they want £350 for the parts(centre + back box) or £450 fitted ~ .

what do you guys recommend?

i need to have a look underneath my car, will i need a new exhaust mount? surely the centre section is damaged now? how can i tell if the centre section is damaged?

also with aftermarket exhuasts most of them are advertised as "catback" where is the cat in the exhaust? will a catback system included the centre pipe?

if anyone has a good condition standard centre section and back box please PM me.

what aftermarket exhausts should i be looking at i wouldnt want to be spending more than OEM prices.

thanks in advance.


ClioSport Club Member
  172 turbo
mine did the same rusted throuh driving along and a massive noise thought the engine bed in but back box fell of now i went ot k tec and got a hidden one on 350 i think and its stainless meaning will last alot longer?
  R34 GT-R & 172 Cup
Mine will drop of soon, but got no money to buy a new one so exhaust tape FTW

Go to a powerflow dealer...quoted me £280 for a full exhaust cat back can make it sound how you like