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PH2 172 Front Brake Re-Assembly Disaster - Help Please!


ClioSport Club Member
Hi All,

Had the job over lunch today to start putting my front brakes back together after fitting new discs and pads. Thought it would be a breeze, but hit what I see as a major issue when re-mounting the first caliper carrier to the hub. The lower of the 2 threaded holes for the 18mm bolts has stripped threads whilst tightheing up and I now cant get the bolt to tighten in it. PIc below for refernce to show the offending item:

Question is, what can I do about this? Can I re-tap the thread? If so what would I need to do this? If not are there any other options I could try myself?

Thanks in advance once again for any support or suggestions.

Gutted :(


ClioSport Club Member
After a bit of internet research i'm thinking a thread tap and new bolt maybe the solution? Only issue is I have no idea what size tap and bolt I would need. Am I on the right track?


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172 Cup
Very tough to tap, it's cast iron as far as I know. Any cheap tap will snap off/be useless. Buy a hub, quick look on EBay, available for about £30


ClioSport Club Member
  Q7 2018 & 172 Cup.
What hubs are you on?. 54mm or 60mm... I have some spare 54mm hubs and based in Birmingham..

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