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Ph2 172 not got HID

  Clio RS 172 Ph2
Hi, just picked up a ph2 172 last night. Previous owner binned the Xenons and fitted angel eyes lights instead.

I want to get the xenon back, so want to fit a HID kit. Do I have to put back on original Renault headlamps (which cost a fortune) or can I simply pick up a H7 hid kit off fleabay and fit them into the Angel Eye lamps?

Help muchos appreciated!
If your just going to replace them, why not get boggo standard lights and pull them apart, cheaper and better looking.
  Clio RS 172 Ph2
Careful - he's a member on here (I think) - he handed me a cliosport bottle opener keyring & has a cliosport sticker in the windscreen!
  Clio RS 172 Ph2
I actually quite like the look of the angel eyes - I'd just like to fit HID bulbs in there - any reason why this cannot be done?
  '95 Astra :-(
binning the xenons for angel eyes....jesus christ what an idiot the previous owner is.

Well one of my HID's has gone. And the cost and pain of trying to find out if it is the bulb, ballast or starter thing. I can understand why he did it.

BUMPER OFF. What the feck!!! I just about removed the drivers side starter pack and bulb but cant get it all back together. And my hand is still hurting from Sunday after ramming it into the stupid small space Renault have provided to work with!

Plus I can't really see a difference driving at night now the bulb has gone!? Why have about £500 worth of parts to replace just to have a 'blue' looking sidelight :mad:

  Clio RS 172 Ph2
Quick update guys - have retro fitted HID into the angel-eyes units. The set I has takes H1 bulbs, and they DO fit (in mine at least).

I went for 6000k units, so look nice and white and when switched on look like an OEM beam to me.

Only now I have fitted them do I realise how rubbish the angel-eyes units were with halogen H1 bulbs - the light on the road was really dim - the HIDs are excellent.

The kit I got off of ebay for £20 and it was a DIY job to fit - much cheaper than shelling out £hundreds on a new set of Renault Xenon headlamps! Plus I get to keep the angel eyes look, which I really rather like!