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Phase 1 silver V6, A500 Stoke, Sunday! about 1pm.

  Megane 225 F1
Hi, you 2 arguing about who it was? Looked like it had clear back lights on when it went down the slip road. Bit too much traffic for a proper race. People threatening to pull out all the time.
LOL nah not argueing, just made me dads day cause he said he apparently got a thumbs up when he went up the slip road, dont see many Megane 223's around Stoke. :) Just nice to get a spot - for all Renaultsports - Special cars!:)
Hehe thats right! So good to see another local!! When Im back in the UK will have to have a meet, will come in the V6 and not me iccle 1.2 lol.:D
Cool. Let me know when. Oh btw, dad wants to have a play with it, wants to add some performance parts as he should be taking it to a track day next year but doesnt wanna go in it as almost standard.. Any ideas on where to go to get some info?