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Phase 1 wheels (lighter)

  clio williams, Ph1 172

Just put the original phase 1 on my car (well not mine but what should have been on before) When I got the wheels from Adams_16v he put some phase 2 wheels on his and I had his old ones.

When we were swapping em I thought the phase 1s seemed a lot lighter, are they?? Or is my mind playin tricks on me.

When i put mine back on the car seemed a lot faster ( i presume because of the weight difference). Wicked fun. I nearly took off on a hump back bridge straight after putting them back on.

Makes me wanna sell my 17S and buy some lightweight 17s like OZ ones

I ditched the aftermarket wheels my 16v came with and got some original Phase 2s - much better looking and will stay that way as the car ages.
  clio williams, Ph1 172

I do like phase 2 wheels. The five spoke never goes out of fashion, thats why I always get em. I love my 17s design though. Not too keen on the phase 1 wheels really, although they are a nice set and are kinda polished.

Nick Rs old phase1s where well PHAT!! they where plished just like new.

The Clio Phase1s look best on a street racer style R5GGT
  BMW 320d Sport

Cheers Kev, those phase 1 were quality, I loved them. Only thing is my brakes are too big to ever put 15s back on again!
  clio williams, Ph1 172

Those phase 2s on yours look mint mate. I do actually prefer the look of em i think. But your phase 1s are def a tidy set.
  clio williams, Ph1 172

Looks spot on mate. have u had the wheels refurbed. Ill get some pics of mine with em on asap. Brun can you get me some good oil for my valver??
  Skoda Fabia vRS

yea i had em refurbed mate

i still cant get a picture to show just how good they are

i can get u some oil mate, pm me, shipping is the only problem


Yours is looking feckin good on those phase 1 turbins!! You have referbed them though aint you? They have lost there mirror effect. They look fecking good though. Mine will look like that without the mirror effect when i get them referbed.

As i mentiond earlier Nicks looked the best on the phase 1s as his was dropped sh*tloads and they where the mintest original wheels i have ever seens.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

yea i had em refurbed, you should see em today, washed the car yesterday, cleaned the wheels really well, and geld the tyres too, lookin mint !

I only saw the mirror finish phase 1s on a crappy R5 not a turbo, If i do get hold of the willy wheels i will get mine done and alternate cause im sad:)