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Pics of new Williams3 (56k)

nice, got any more pics??

I didnt knwo williams had a gold renault badge..!?!?!

Do they ? or is that customn

Very nice!

Nice to see everyone sl*g off the one minor mod it has lol!

Hope to drive it again soon hehe......


ClioSport Club Member
  An old banger!

nah leave the badge gold looks good, my old willy3 had a gold one too!

Yesturday I was quite confused to see a clio that looked williams blue and had gold wheels and beefy exhaust, but then see it is a phase 3 with the round headlights.

I thought surly thats not what a williams 3 is like. ur pic has confirmed it was just a williams lookalike.

Oh and lose the gold badge, looking good otherwise