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picture of my 172 & some Quiz

Fitted the front splitter myself. those were from Opel Astra.

if I fit 5mm spacer on each wheel would that improve the handling?

The offset of the alloy wheels fitted is 40, but the the inside of the alloy is very close to the brake caliper, especially the back was thinking fitting spacer to extend the space between wheels and brake caliper.

The front splitter is very nice, I like it a lot ! Off an Astra you say, I thought I recognised it from somewhere ! How much do they cost in the UK ? Change the whole look of the front I reckon, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...........

Also, personally do not like the wheels at all but that is just my opinion.

Thanks guys! Im gonna lower it soon, just has to find out a garage who does carry Eibach springs for Clios.

The splitter costs around P30, should be cheaper in UK. Im in Aus, so have to factor in the freight cost I guess. But I think you can get much cheaper from a wrecker.

Wheels are Racing Hart. Japanese brand. forged alloys...very light, weights nearly 1/3 of original factory alloys.

Here in Aus, we get 99% of sunshine.

very clean car mate, like the wheels adds an instant mean look to the car.

Nice idea on the splitter, beats th ibiza1

Waiting to get mine lowered too, crimbos a kick in the ass sometimes.

Fitting spacers will increase the lateral wheel base and improve ahndling (dont know if ya will see much improvement. thw wheel spacers will also bring the wheels of the caliper but i wouldnt worry too much. looks like you got a bit more room under them arches so id stick them on n e ways.

yeah thats right, Holden, Opel, Vauxall? anyway, its the same car.

Was gonna get the ones from Barina, but they were to short. Astra onces fits nicely.

They are $100 bucks, bloody expensive for 2 pieces of plastic trim, apparently made in France but still dont justisfied the price.

Yeah mate, Im a member of OZ cliosport, from QLD. not many Clios around in QLD.