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Plasma dials

The dials come in a few separate sections which slip over the needles then plug into a box i think, so if so you could just leave that part un plugged in.

Look into the guides section i have a guide somewhere, where you can see.
Probably yep! they look ok when installed fully but I would choose swapping the individual SMD leds one by one to a colour of your choice if you really want to change the colour over the plasma dials.
I have a spare set of dials on 75K i could change the colour of the SMD's for you.

I have done this on mine I changed them to white including the LCD


Let me know if your interested, as then you'll keep the OEM look of the dials but with a different colour.
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By changing all the SMD's on the board each one is 3mm x 5mm i think but they are small 8 of them are needed to change them.

PLCC-4 for the LCD ( x 4 )

PLCC-2 for the needles ( x 4 ) as 2 SMD's per needle

Plus you'll need patience and a fine tip soldering iron.

Flat Eric

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It's one of those jobs I would love to do but would never get round to doing it all :(
Already did the SMD's, but my question is can I convert my dials to the needle petrol and temp gauge? or can this not be done?
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I want this done! Every clio iv owned iv wanted to get blue dials! Anywhere i can get it done pal?